This is sort of just a ramble, but I didn't plan out my current layout all too much, and it's causing me problems now while making it so... I may do a whole new layout! I have some ideas, so I'm going to try and properly plan things out this time. I want to include more of my own art in a new layout. Also! I've been working a lot on DARLING so hopefully I'll make a dev log or something like that on this site.


To those who celebrate: merry Christmas Eve! I've gotten a lot of money for Christmas and my birthday (because they're so close together) so here's a log of some things I've ordered so I can add things to my eventual collection page.


First blog entry and it's on my birthday too! I really should choose custom music for my birthday next year, but the winter break music will do for now. Forgive me for how materialistic I'm going to come across on this post I just want to share what gifts I get, so I'll be updating this later. For now though here's the first gift I got!

I'm very happy with it! I love the original Amnesia: Memories so I'm really looking forward to playing this. I just hope the localization is good... The print is super cute too! Ra*bits is one of my favorite Ensemble Stars units because of their music. I'll try to remember to find the original artist's store and link where you can get this print later. EDIT: 12/22/2023 I forgot to get around to editing this... but I did get more presents! Here are pictures of what I got! (Apologies for how stretched out they are!)

I'm very happy with what I got, I really like and appreciate it when people at least try to gift me things they think I like.