DARLING is a puzzle solving, horror game made in RPG Maker MV with multiple endings! You play as DARLING as you live your new crushing day-to-day life in IT's manor as you try to survive under the weight of IT's unspoken rules and unpredictibilty. Befriend MISS MAID and try to make the most of it, and just maybe you can get home...

DARLING's relationships with IT and MISS MAID are crucial in determining what happens to DARLING. Try your best to strike a good balance of rebellion and caution! Don't forget to explore too. Exploration, puzzle solving, and relationships are all key to playing DARLING.

IT awaits your arrival in the manor...

Miss Maid sweeping
A screenshot from DARLING with Darling in her bedroom A screenshot from DARLING with Darling in the East Study A screenshot from DARLING with Darling in the ballroom
A gif of Darling walking with a candle Art of DARLING's title screen with Darling standing in front of a golden mirror holding a book, with an unrecognizable figure in the background Art of Darling standing and looking to the side with her hand positioned close to her face in a shushing pose next to the text 'Day One